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David Reynolds is motivated by his lifelong passion for natural resource conservation. That passion is fueled by the increasingly serious problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss and ocean resource degradation facing us all. Adding to this passion is the responsibility he feels for the children who will inherit this world after our generation is gone. This, and the knowledge, skills and contacts he has accumulated during his career makes him an effective member of the Executive Committee. 

David is the President of the George Wright Society (GWS) (georgewrightsociety.org), a long-time institutional member of IUCN. Being President of the GWS keeps him connected with the latest practices and practitioners of protected areas management in North American government, NGOs, Indigenous and local communities. 

During his 37-year career with the National Park Service (NPS), US Department of the Interior, he managed natural resource management, international training and programming, planning, environmental compliance, recreation and cultural resources programs in parks and central offices. 

From 2011 to 2015 he was assigned by the NPS to serve as the Senior Advisor for Protected Areas Capacity Development to the IUCN Global Protected Areas Program. During that time, he created and coordinated the activities of the IUCN WCPA Protected Areas Capacity Development Group, consisting of 55 international professional volunteers that produced material for publication and training. The culmination of the Group’s work was the Strategic Framework for Capacity Development 2015-2025, completed and launched at the 2014 World Parks Congress in Sydney. 

In addition to being President of the George Wright Society and a member of the IUCN WCPA Capacity Development Specialist Group, he also served on the Board of Directors of The Nepal Foundation. He has a BSc. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Massachusetts and a MSc. in International Environmental Systems Management from the American University.