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CEC Newsletter February 2023

CEC-#NatureForAll Thematic Dialogue

As part of the #NatureForAll Love Fest, the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) invites you to explore how photography is being used to conserve and protect nature and remind us of what is being lost. Join us! on February 16, from 5 pm to 6:30 pm (GMT).

Explore with our speakers how nature photography can be a tool for education and conservation, and how it can raise awareness of climate change and empathy towards wildlife. Space is limited, soregister early at this link.

CEC at COP 15

The Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) adopted by the Parties at the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 15) celebrated in Montreal, Canada in December 2022, acknowledges the importance of developing a communication and outreach strategy to implement the GBF. We prepared an article to share CEC’s insights about COP 15, find it here.

CEC at Salzburg

Since November 2021, the project Greening School Grounds & Outdoor Learning has engaged global leaders to identify and disseminate successful approaches to school ground greening andoutdoor learning from around the world. In 2022, fellows across sectors came together to develop theSalzburg Statement for Greening School Grounds & Outdoor Learning, a Global Action Agenda and 13 case studies, highlighting geographically and culturally diverse greening school grounds programs. Find more info here.


Sean Southey, CEC Chair, and Cheryl Charles, #NatureForAll Co-Chair had the opportunity to share the presentation#NatureForAllUpdate and Trends at the CEPA Fair 2022, celebrated at COP 15. In this session, we presented the video “Hope for Tomorrow: Children’s voices from Kumming & Montreal on Biodiversity Convention” developed by IUCN CEC members in Canada and China.

Nature Education for Sustainability

Katalin Czippán, CEC Strategic Adviser & Nature Education for Sustainability Co-Chair, represented CEC and the Bavarian Academy for Nature Conservation and Landscape Management as a keynote speaker in the online event 2022 Chinese Society for Environmental Education Annual Conference celebrated in Taiwan. Ms. Czippán showed a pre-recorded video presentation were introduced the work developed with CEC and the ELENA project. You can watch the recording here.

Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership

The CEC Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership Specialist Group, in collaboration with #NatureForAll, led the thematic dialogueYouth Engagement in conservation: from Local to Global, last December. Speakers provided an overview of IUCN work on Youth Engagement and discussed how youth can be better engaged in COPs, multilateral environmental events and decision-making around the world. Watch the recording of this session here.

CEC Regions

In this section, we present initiatives developed by the CEC Regional Vice Chairs and regional members who are working to connect people with nature and engaging them to commit to conserving it. Find contact information for your Regional Vice Chair here.

South and Southeastern Asia

From 2-7 November 2022, CEC leaders attended the first-everFestival and Forum on Climate Action and Biodiversity Conservation celebrated in Bhutan. The programme included film screenings, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, among other sessions, focusing on the environmental, social and economic aspects of climate change and biodiversity conservation in theGreater Himalayan Region. Read more about this event and CEC’s participation here.

West Europe

The 21st edition ofInnsbruck Nature Film Festival (INFF) took place in Tyrol, Austria between October 15-18, 2022. IUCN CEC member and INFF Founder & Director, Mr. Johannes Kostenzer and IUCN CEC Regional Vice Chair for West Europe, Diana Garlytska sought to further the objectives of the Commission and expand the reach of the #NatureForAll movement. Find more info here.

Upcoming events

Find information about upcoming events associated with the Commission, its members and partners. Join, share or/and read more about them.

Storytelling Festival

Over the last year, #NatureForAll has been highlighting partner stories and storytelling campaigns. It’s time to celebrate these inspirational people and moments! More than 30 individuals fromaround the world will take part in 30-minute live interviews in the #NatureLoveStory event scheduled for February 20-21. You still can share your story! Find more info here.


The Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC-5) is a global forum that brings together ocean conservation professionals and high-level officials to inform, inspire and act onmarine protected areas. CEC, #NatureForAll and WCPA will launch the Storytelling Fest at the Youth Pavilion, a space encouraging youth engagement and participation. Also, CEC leaders will be part of the mentorship programme, and CEC Young Professionals will participate in the concluding Leadership Programme. Join us in Vancouver, Canada, February 3-9. Find more info here.

Science Without Borders® Challenge

Living Oceans Foundation, an IUCN member, extends an invitation to be part of theScience Without Borders® Challenge. This event is an international contest that engages students and teachers in ocean conservation through art. It is open to primary and secondary school students 11-19 years old. Find more info here.


In this section, we are presenting 3 inspirational resources that you can find in the #NatureForAll Discovery Zone. We invite you to use them in your work, share some of your resources with us, and start to create new ones. Find resources by category here.

Leitfaden Natur erleben verbindet

This German resource provides guidelines to Nature Parks in Germany to involve more refugees and migrants into their programs. It has a short and a long version and it was provided by Rita Gazdag, CEC member. Find the resource here.

One Welfare Free Access Publications

The concept ofOne Welfare describes the interconnections between animal welfare, human wellbeing and their social and physical environment. These publications will help readers to better understand how these interconnections relate to nature. This set of resources was provided by Dr. Rebeca García Pinillos, CEC member. Find them here.

Tools for nature watching of your neighbouring nature

The Nature Conservation Society of Japan launched a website with a set of Japanese Guidelines and Tools for nature watching of your neighbouring nature. The information about this website and its resources was provided by Teppei Dohke, CEC member, and you can find it here.

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