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Member Benefits

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Member Benefits

By becoming a member of IUCN you join a growing number of organizations, government agencies and Indigenous People’s organizations working together pursue common goals, develop policy advice, share knowledge, build capacity, and work towards a shared vision for nature in the Unites States and worldwide.

IUCN member benefits at a glance:

  • As a leading authority on the environment and biodiversity, IUCN provides its Members capacity building opportunities, and unparalleled insights into conservation efforts worldwide. 
  • IUCN holds official permanent observer status at the United Nations General Assembly.
  • We collaborate with 14,000 volunteer experts grouped into our six Commissions reviewing scientific research and developing standards for the conservation community – to which you will have access.
  • We convene the quadrennial IUCN World Conservation Congress: the world’s largest and most important conservation event. 
  • As a Member, you will have information about thousands of field projects and activities implemented by other Members.
  • You will have a platform for collaborating with governments, NGOs, donors, scientists, business and local communities.
  • An IUCN Members’ web portal, a dedicated Membership Unit at our headquarters and a robust network of Membership Focal Points in regional offices around the world ensure fast, efficient support for your conservation activities.

IUCN members in the US:

  • With over 130 Members, the U.S. has the most significant national representation within IUCN.
  • The IUCN U.S. National Committee includes all IUCN Members in the U.S. and provides a vehicle for Member’s exchange and networking with U.S. government, scientists and donors.
  • The IUCN U.S. National Committee annual forum brings together Members to meet and discuss conservation issues, agree and work together on a common national and international agenda, and influence policy.
  • IUCN North America office in Washington D.C. comprises 35staff and a liaison for US Members.

By joining IUCN, you advance your cause and have an opportunity to contribute to the 

Union’s collective strength in developing solutions for a sustainable future