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Now Accepting Applications for the Wolfgang Kiessling International Prize for Species Conservation

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American Humane is now accepting applications for the second annualWolfgang Kiessling International Prize for Species Conservation.

For more than 50 years, founder of the world-renowned Loro Parque and globally-acknowledged conservation leader Wolfgang Kiessling has tirelessly worked to save numerous species from extinction. This annual award recognizes individuals who embody Mr. Kiessling’s exceptional leadership, vision and commitment to the field of conservation, specifically species and habitat protection and the critical role that zoos and aquariums play in those efforts.

We invite all accomplished conservation scientists to apply for this prestigious award. The winning award recipient will be a credentialed conservation scientist who can proactively and profoundly make the case for zoos and aquariums working to fight the Sixth Mass Extinction. The winner will travel to the designated awards ceremonies in the U.S. and Europe, take part in a major media campaign carrying news of the award and prize-winning conservation work, and receive a grant of US $80,000.

Applications for the Wolfgang Kiessling International Prize are being accepted through April 15, 2023. To learn more, please read thepress release or visit the Kiessling Prize webpage to apply. Past finalists are encouraged to re-apply.

Congratulations to Dr. Jon Paul Rodríguez – recipient of the 2022 Kiessling Prize award! Learn more about the Kiessling Prize and Dr. Rodríguez’s accomplishments by watching this video.

Jill Nizan

Director, Conservation Operations

American Humane

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