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PRESS RELEASE: USAID Awards up to $30 Million to Strengthen National Architectures to Counter Corruption USNC website

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UNITED STATES AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Office of Press Relations For Immediate Release November 15, 2023 PRESS RELEASE USAID Awards up to $30 Million to Strengthen National Architectures to Counter Corruption The United States, through USAID, is awarding up to $30 million over five years to systemically address pervasive governance weaknesses that corrupt actors commonly exploit. This funding will strengthen the systems and actors needed to close loopholes, detect illicit finance and dirty money, follow its movement across borders, and ultimately hold corrupt actors accountable. This new project will deliver high-impact assistance that builds country’s resilience to transnational corruption, grand corruption, and kleptocracy, and will expand efforts to counter corruption across high-risk, high-opportunity sectors – such as real estate, extractives, infrastructure, and pharmaceuticals. Through this funding, the award will boost high-priority reforms – such as enhancing asset recovery and beneficial ownership disclosure, and closing loopholes that enable illicit finance and money laundering. At the regional and global levels, this award will fund multi-country efforts to enhance international cooperation in tracking and blocking transnational corruption; and test tools and approaches that move anti-corruption practice forward. This new initiative forms the cornerstone of USAID’s bold suite of programming to tackle transnational corruption, as set out in USAID’s Anti-Corruption Policy, and is a key deliverable under the Presidential Initiative for Democratic Renewal, announced by President Biden at the first Summit for Democracy in 2021. This initiative will be implemented by a dynamic consortium of leading global organizations and local reformers working at the cutting edge of anti-corruption. The Global Accountability Program/Strengthening National Architectures to Counter Corruption Activity will enhance USAID’s capabilities to counter corruption and advance the mission of USAID’s new Anti-Corruption Center to transform the fight against corruption, within countries and transnationally, and blunt corruption’s impact on development and democracy. 

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