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Faculty Position: Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Faculty Position Available
Cohort Hire: Advancing Environmental Justice
Focus: Environmental Justice, Law, and Policy
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment

Applications received by March 15, 2024 will be given full consideration. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Position: Associate or Full Professor, Tenure-track
Location: Ithaca, NY, USA. The academic home for this position is the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences housed on the Ithaca campus of Cornell University.

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at Cornell University is enthusiastically seeking a distinguished scholar for a Tenure-track Associate or Full Professor position focusing on Environmental Justice, Law, and Policy. Our new colleague will join a Cohort Faculty Hire in Advancing Environmental Justice.

Philosophical Underpinning: The root cause of the climate and environmental challenges before us is injustice: for people and the planet. The rights of nature are inseparable from human rights. To course correct for the future of the planet, we need to reconcile historical and present-day harms that result in disparities in sociocultural, economic, and health outcomes. Fortunately, there is a rising tide to meet these challenges head-on, often with innovative approaches and technologies. However, these processes often place justice as a secondary or tertiary consideration, if at all. The responses to these challenges are repeatedly designed by and for those in power with no participation of those who are being affected. This position seeks to disrupt how we collectively imagine and conceive of these approaches and technologies needed for environmentally just futures. Critical consideration of technology enhances research on sustainable transitions by prioritizing ethical and appropriate sustainable transitions. This position seeks to repair relationships between people and their habitats by centering environmental justice as a fundamental component of achieving effective climate and sustainability solutions. Join us in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and Cornell CALS to articulate and engage Environmentally Just Futures.

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