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Northwestern-IUCN Engagement

IUCN Member the Paula M. Trienens Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern University, is sharing the following collaborative opportunities with the IUCN network (see below/attached). If your organization is interested in potentially partnering, please contact mike.mcmahon@northwestern.edu.

Researcher seeking beachfront to test coastal erosion prevention technology: Prof. Alessandro Rotta Loria has developed an innovative method in his laboratory (described in the attached PDF) that he would like to pilot test under real world conditions. He is looking for a partner to provide 10-20 sq. meters of beach area over the span of a few months up to a year. Ideal locations would be east/west coast U.S. though he is open to exploring international sites. We are also keeping an eye out for funding opportunities to support related work.

Research matchmaking wish list: Attached is a general “wish list” of collaborative opportunities from faculty members across Northwestern to further facilitate and diversify collaboration with IUCN. It provides a list (non-exhaustive, but a starting point) of faculty members who are currently seeking collaborations as well as their areas of interest, desired outcomes, etc. Folks interested in an introductory matchmaking meeting can contact Mike McMahon directly as noted in the PDF.

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