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Protecting the Planet Newsletter, July 2023


July 2023

At a Glance – July highlights

Conservation on the agenda at the Esri User Conference Hosting over 22,000 people, the 2023 Esri User Conference brought together leaders from diverse fields to share in the potential applications for cutting-edge technology surrounding GIS, with conservation top of the agenda.

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Rangers honoured at International Ranger Awards

Recognising nine rangers from six continents, the 3rd Annual IUCN WCPA International Ranger Award ceremony highlighted the enormous sacrifice rangers make to protect our planet’s most critical ecosystems and species… Press Release

China continues to lead the way with 13 Green Listed sites

Two of the 17 key biodiversity areas of global significance, five UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserves, and other key PCAs of high conservation value make up China’s 13 Green Listed sites celebrated at a recent event in Guiyang, China. Read more

The path to protect 30×30

We’re committed to supporting nations around the world to achieving Target 3 of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, and with it, to conserve 30% of the world’s ecosystems by 2030.

Inspiring Places: Kenya, people & wildlife

In July’s article on Inspiring Places, courtesy of BIOPAMA grantee Tsavo Trust, explore Tsavo National Park in Kenya and the efforts to balance wild elephant conservation with the needs and challenges of local communities.

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What counts? – Ensuring effective conservation

Through the IUCN Green List Standard, the global benchmark for Protected and Conserved Areas governance and management, we’re working to ensure that 30×30 means real and effective achievement of conservation goals.

L’espace marin-côtier de l’Afrique de l’Ouest s’engage dans la Liste Verte des Aires de l’UICN Le Programme Marin côtier de l’UICN en collaboration avec le Programme de Gestion du Littoral Ouest Africain (WACA) et le Réseau des Aires Marines Protégées d’Afrique de l’Ouest (RAMPAO), promeuvent la Liste Verte des aires protégées au sein de 6 pays, dans douze (12) Aires Marines Protégées (AMP) qui sont des reconnues par la convention sur la diversité biologique comme des zones d’importance écologique en mer…

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An Interview with the Regional WIO EAGL Chair, Vola Ramahery

Possessing more than 15 years’ experience in marine conservation in her native Madagascar and across Eastern Africa, Vola Ramahery tells us why she found it important to become a member of the Regional Western Indian Ocean EAGL.

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Ten top regional marine experts make up the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) EAGL

“Through this collective effort, our aim is to strengthen and recognise the effective conservation of marine protected areas and marine OECMs”, noted Daniel Marnewick, Regional Area Based Conservation Coordinator, IUCN ESARO.

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Las áreas protegidas del Ecuador avanzan en el proceso de certificación de la Lista Verde

En el marco del Congreso Nacional de Áreas Protegidas del Ecuador, se compartió los avances y desafíos durante el proceso de certificación del Estándar y su aporte a la gestión integral de las áreas protegidas del país.

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The IUCN Green List – Building Hope for Asia’s Protected and Conserved Areas

Despite the many benefits that PCAs provide, Asia’s protected and conserved areas face a wide range of challenges and threats, and stand at a crossroads. IUCN in Asia is working with its members, partners and Commissions across the region to scale up the governance and manage of PCAs…

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Who counts? – People at the centre of conservation

As important as ‘what counts’, is ‘who counts’. We’re working to put people at the centre of conservation through supporting local and indigenous communities to lead and benefit from 30×30.


Explorando la Amazonia peruana: La experiencia del Mapeo Participativo en la Reserva Comunal Yanesha

Bienvenidos a un emocionante viaje a través de la selva amazónica peruana, donde la Reserva Comunal Yanesha, un tesoro de biodiversidad y cultura, se ha convertido en el escenario de un proyecto innovador y transformador: el Mapeo Participativo en 3D.

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“Who is not on the map?”: Why Equity Is Vital to Achieving 30×30

In the accelerated push towards conserving 30% of the Earth’s land and water by 2030, asking who, as well as what, is on the map must be at the heart of the conversation. IUCN and Esri teamed up in San Diego to explore pathways towards recognising the hidden actors conserving nature.

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| Hot off the Press |
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IUCN launches the Feasibility Study Report on the Application of the IUCN Green List Standard in the Maldives

The study provides an analysis of the potential to use the IUCN Green List Standard to enhance the management and governance of protected and conserved areas in order to achieve successful conservation outcomes in Maldives.

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Events and Getting Involved

Esri StoryMaps competition – Enter now!

Use the latest GIS technology from IUCN’s partner, Esri, to build stunning stories about the role of indigenous peoples, local communities or other effective area-based conservation measures (OECMs) in conservation.

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Asian Ranger Forum The first Asian Ranger Forum will be held in Guwahati, India from 5-8 December 2023. The programme includes a special theme on ‘Indigenous People and Local Communities: Acknowledging and promoting the role of IPLCs in conservation efforts, and discussing ways to empower them in ranger-related initiatives’…

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Help us keep nature alive

Since its establishment in 1948, IUCN has become the global authority on the status of the natural world and the measures needed to safeguard it. IUCN’s new legacy gift options will help ensure IUCN keeps playing this essential role for years to come.

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