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Global Humane Launches Humane Tourism Certification Program

Launch of a new Global Humane certification program –Humane Tourism™!

As millions of people worldwide seek opportunities to connect with Earth’s majestic wildlife, Global Humane –the international brand of American Humane – has identified an opportunity to apply our expertise in animal welfare through this unique new certification program designed to assess and certify wildlife reserves, lodges, and tour operators for their humane responsibility toward the animal life that these operations may encounter and have the potential to impact. This initiative utilizes the same foundation of science and evidence-based practices for which we are globally recognized.

Learn more about theHumane Tourism certification program by reading the press release and watching our short video: https://www.americanhumane.org/press-release/global-humane-launches-humane-tourism-certification-program/

Jill Nizan

Director, Conservation Operations

American Humane

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