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The latest from the IUCN Library : 22 November 2023

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FAO is currently hosting the Tenth Session of the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA). Did you know that we have nearly 50 items in the IUCN HQ Library on plant genetic resources?

Explore here!

Other than that, here is your regular round-up of resources from around the web:

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New additions : IUCN official publications

The conservation status and distribution of the mammals of the Arabian Peninsula

Available in English

Published in collaboration with the Environment and Protected Areas Authority (Government of Sharjah, UAE)

Land health monitoring framework

Available in English

No.1 in the Common Ground in Agriculture series

New additions: Unofficial IUCN reports (non-peer-reviewed, non-authoritative)

Protection study of the Aoos River Basin based on IUCN protected area standards

Available in English

Nature-positive for business

Available in English

New additions: Non-IUCN publications

The afterlife of a tree

Available in English in the IUCN HQ Library and online

Guide des requins, raies et chimères des côtes françaises et européennes

Available in French in the IUCN HQ Library

New additions: Non-IUCN periodicals

These are magazines, newsletters, and journals published by entities other than IUCN that have recently been added to the HQ Library’s print collections. Some are available online as well.

Vår Fågelvärld

no.5 (2023)

Rural 21 vol.57,

no.3 (2023)

Le magazine natagora

no.117 (nov.-déc. 2023)

The international forestry review

vol.25, no.3 (2023)

Korean heritage

vol.62 (Autumn 2023)

Acid news no.3

(October 2023)

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