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EcoHealth Alliance in 2023

| We’ve been busy in 2023!

Here’s some of what we’ve been working on:

A new study from EcoHealth Alliance scientists examines the management of disease risks related to wildlife farming in Viet Nam, in light of the growing concern about the risks of zoonotic disease spillover from animals to humans after COVID-19.⁠ ⁠

This work established a comprehensive understanding of existing policies, shedding light on how wildlife farming practices in Viet Nam can be made safer through the systematic management and mitigation of zoonotic disease risk. Click here link to find out more.

EcoHealth Alliance recently launched a series of three publications that take stock of and assess One Health operations in the South Caucasus region. These reports highlight the progress that Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia have made in implementing the One Health approach, while identifying continued needs for One Health system strengthening. Each report is co-authored by EcoHealth Alliance and a team of expert consultants from each country – click here to read more.

EcoHealth Alliance Vice President for Science & Outreach, Dr. Jonathan Epstein, was a key contributor to the World Health Organization’s recently released strategy framework for Nipah virus. EcoHealth Alliance has been a global leader in Nipah virus research for decades – read more about our groundbreaking Nipah virus work with this web summary.

EcoHealth Alliance Publications

Liberia’s Conservation Works (CW), a five-year project funded by USAID and led by EcoHealth Alliance, has a new newsletter! Every quarter, we will send out an email with updates on project progress, successes, and any upcoming activities. See past newsletters and subscribe to future newsletters here.

Stay tuned for more updates from EcoHealth Alliance as we continue our vital One Health work around the world!

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