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December 2023 News from the World Bank Global Wildlife Program (GWP)

The GWP is buzzing with energy after the November 2023 Annual Conference in Bangkok, co-hosted with the Thai Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation; UNDP; and IUCN. It was our first to include countries participating in the new GEF-8 phase of the GWP and brought together 140 participants from GWP countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean, along with GWP partners and supporting GEF Agencies.

As the GWP grows, so does the logo! During the conference, a new logo was introduced. The addition of people to the logo recognizes the important role of the communities we work with. They are foundational to the link between wildlife conservation and development, and to the GWP’s long-term success.

In the rest of this newsletter, you will find resources from the GWP and partners, and opportunities to add skills through expert-led webinars. The GWP hosted a webinar on countering corruption in wildlife trade and conservation and, as part of raising awareness for International Anti-Corruption Day on December 6th, the UNDP-GEF-USAID Project “Reducing Maritime Trafficking of Wildlife between Africa and Asia” recently produced two videos. One, on their work combating illegal wildlife trade through ports, highlights the importance of identifying networks for illegal wildlife trade. The second summarizes work on capacity building in controlled delivery investigations and how this approach improves investigators’ ability to identify and target translational criminal organizations.

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