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Hiring Teaching Faculty in the College of Forestry and Conservation at University of Montana

The Department of Society and Conservation in the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation at the University of Montana invites applications for an Assistant Teaching Professor (non-tenure track) to join our dynamic and interdisciplinary social science faculty. We encourage applications from individuals who are passionate about undergraduate education and dedicated to high-impact teaching practices and experiential learning. We also encourage applicants who can leverage their professional experiences in the classroom and connect students to career pathways.

The successful candidate will teach undergraduate courses in environmental and natural resource social science, primarily serving students in two undergraduate programs: (1) Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management; and (2) Environmental Science and Sustainability. Teaching responsibilities will include introductory courses and more specialized upper-division courses in the following areas: outdoor recreation management, environment and society, nature-based tourism, and human geography. Responsibilities may include field trips and field courses, internships, and first-year seminars. Specific courses will be decided based on the needs of programs across the college and the background of the successful applicant. The expected course load is up to three courses per semester.

This position’s primary responsibility is to the College’s undergraduate instructional mission. The 1.0 FTE consists of 0.9 for instruction and 0.10 for service to programs, college, and/or university service, as well as community and/or professional activities. There is no expectation of a research program as stated within 1.0 FTE profile.

This position is part of a cluster hire of new teaching-oriented faculty in the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation (FCFC) intended to create a supportive network of junior faculty with a primary teaching focus. While each position will be rostered in a department, as is true for all faculty, the college is highly interdisciplinary and has multiple programs that promote collaboration across departments in both teaching and research. Additional information can be found at http://umt.edu/environment.  While these positions are not tenure track, we have the expectation and intent that successful candidates will be long-term members of the faculty. Salaries for each of the new positions are peer-competitive, and the positions are each being structured as academic year appointments, providing the opportunity to pursue additional compensation options in the summer, as desired. Such opportunities may include formal summer teaching as well as participation in high impact learning such as student internship programs and/or other experiential portions of FCFC degree programs.

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