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Earth League International’s June 2024 Impact Report

ELI Actively Involved on Capitol Hill in a Bipartisan Effort to Enhance the Fight Against Environmental/Wildlife Crime

Earth League International is now actively involved on Capitol Hill and in Washington D.C., working with policymakers in a bipartisan effort to enhance the fight against environmental/wildlife crime.

While it remains crucial to fight environmental crime in the field, from Latin America to Asia to Africa, it is equally important to ensure that American policymakers and government agencies are fully informed about the realities on the ground.

The impact of Transnational Organized Crime and trafficking networks on biodiversity, wild places, and local communities is profound and far-reaching. By bridging the gap between fieldwork and policy, we can enhance our efforts to protect our planet and its inhabitants, ensuring that the gravity of these issues is recognized and addressed at the highest levels.

As part of this initiative, the ELI team has had meetings with several Senators’ offices and commissions to establish relationships that can lead to a better understanding of environmental crime and its convergence with other serious crimes. These efforts aim to contribute to the drafting of future bills and acts on Capitol Hill, ensuring comprehensive and effective policy responses.

The ELI team on Capitol Hill comprised Andrea Crosta, Executive Director of ELI; Mark Davis, Head of Intelligence and former FBI Special Agent; and Maggie McGraw, in charge of government affairs for ELI. With a past on Capitol Hill, Maggie is the main architect behind ELI’s work in D.C.

ELI’s New Shark Fin Trafficking & Crime Convergence Report Used to Effect Change

We are excited to share the ongoing impact of our groundbreaking report titled Operation STELLA MARIS: Investigating Shark Fin Trafficking Networks in Latin America and East Asia Through the Lens of Environmental Crime Convergence.

This report has become an instrumental tool in our advocacy efforts, serving as a robust piece of evidence and a catalyst for policy change.

We submitted our report to the European Union Commission as part of their initiative to better protect sharks through sustainable fishing and trade practices. The report serves as critical evidence in the Commission’s ongoing deliberations and regulatory adjustments aimed at safeguarding these vital marine species. You can learn more about this initiative here.

Our efforts have also extended to Capitol Hill, where the ELI team presented our findings to various bipartisan groups of policymakers. This was designed to enhance understanding of the issues surrounding shark fin trafficking and illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing, as well as their impact on shark populations. By doing so, we aim to support the introduction and passage of new bills and acts that address these critical issues. The ELI team remains committed to providing the latest research and data to support the creation of effective policies and practices to address wildlife crime. Our work is far from over, and with your support, we will keep pushing for the protection of sharks and the marine environment.

ELI’s Executive Director Shares Insights from Investigation Aimed at Dismantling Trafficking Networks

Earth League International has been featured in a compelling article by Mongabay, titled “Undercover in a Shark Fin Trafficking Ring: Interview with Wildlife Crime Fighter Andrea Crosta.” The piece highlights ELI’s crucial work in Operation STELLA MARIS and includes an in-depth interview with our founder, Andrea Crosta.

In the article, Andrea shares insights from ELI’s groundbreaking undercover operations aimed at investigating and dismantling shark fin trafficking networks from Latin America to East Asia. Key highlights from the article include:

  • Infiltrating and Exposing Illegal Trafficking Rings: The intricacies and strategies behind our successful undercover operations.
  • Environmental Crime Convergence: Understanding how various environmental and wildlife crimes overlap with other serious crimes.
  • Challenges and Dangers: The risks and obstacles our investigators face in the field.
  • Intelligence-Led Approach and Collaboration: The importance of data-driven strategies and partnerships in combating environmental crimes.

The extensive fieldwork and analytical efforts invested in Operation STELLA MARIS underscore our dedication to unmasking the complexities of shark fin trafficking and broader environmental crime convergence.

We invite you to read the full article to gain a deeper understanding of ELI’s Operation STELLA MARIS and our ongoing efforts in the field.

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