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The Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation: Working with IUCN for the Tropics

The Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) is an international organization dedicated to safeguarding the world’s tropical ecosystems. Founded in 1963, it brings together scientists, conservationists, and researchers from over 67 countries to advance research, education, and communication about tropical biodiversity.

Here’s how ATBC relates to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN):

  • Membership: ATBC is a member organization of IUCN, contributing its expertise and voice to the global conservation movement. This association allows ATBC to amplify its impact and connect with a broader network of stakeholders.
  • Shared Mission: Both ATBC and IUCN share a deep commitment to protecting tropical biodiversity. ATBC focuses on scientific research and knowledge sharing, while IUCN specializes in policy development and action implementation. This synergy creates a powerful force for conservation in the tropics.
  • Collaboration and Support: ATBC collaborates with IUCN on various initiatives, including species assessments, conservation planning, and capacity building. Additionally, IUCN recognizes and supports ATBC’s efforts, such as its flagship journal Biotropica and its annual meetings, as valuable contributions to the field.
  • Focus on Tropical Expertise: ATBC provides a unique platform for tropical biologists and conservationists to connect, share knowledge, and advocate for the protection of these vital ecosystems. This expertise complements IUCN’s broader work on global biodiversity and contributes to informed conservation decisions.

In essence, ATBC and IUCN work hand-in-hand to ensure the health and future of the world’s tropical ecosystems. ATBC brings the scientific knowledge and grassroots understanding, while IUCN provides the global platform and policy framework for effective action. This collaboration is crucial for addressing the complex challenges facing tropical biodiversity, from climate change to habitat loss and unsustainable resource use.

If you’re passionate about tropical conservation, consider joining ATBC or supporting its initiatives. Together, we can make a difference for the future of these irreplaceable ecosystems.