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The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) is an independent, non-profit research institute headquartered in Hayama, Japan. It was established in 1998 by the Japanese government and Kanagawa Prefecture with the mission of conducting innovative policy development and strategic research for environmental measures. IGES has a strong focus on the Asia-Pacific region, but also works on global issues.

In 2018, IGES opened a new office in Arlington, Virginia, USA. The Arlington office is focused on strengthening IGES’s partnerships with the US government, academia, and the private sector. IGES Arlington also works on issues related to climate change, sustainable development, and environmental governance.

IGES is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). IUCN is a global environmental organization that works to conserve nature and promote sustainable development. IGES’s membership in IUCN gives it access to a network of experts and resources that can help it to achieve its mission.

IGES’s work is divided into four main areas:

  • Policy development: IGES conducts research and analysis on a range of environmental issues, and develops policy recommendations for governments, businesses, and other organizations.
  • Strategic research: IGES conducts long-term research on the drivers of environmental change and the potential solutions.
  • Knowledge exchange: IGES disseminates its research findings through publications, events, and training programs.
  • Capacity building: IGES works to build the capacity of governments, businesses, and civil society organizations to address environmental challenges.

IGES is a respected research institute with a strong track record of providing high-quality research and analysis. Its work is essential to the development of effective environmental policies and the achievement of sustainable development.

Here are some of IGES’s recent accomplishments:

  • IGES was a lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report.
  • IGES developed the Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap, which is a blueprint for climate change adaptation in the region.
  • IGES is a founding member of the Sustainable Asia Partnership, a coalition of businesses, governments, and civil society organizations working to promote sustainable development in Asia.
  • IGES has published over 1,000 research papers and reports.
  • IGES has trained over 10,000 people on environmental issues.

IGES is a valuable resource for anyone interested in environmental issues. Its work is essential to the development of effective environmental policies and the achievement of sustainable development.