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The Rasmussen Family Foundation is a private foundation based in the United States that supports education, literacy, and vocational training through grants. The foundation believes that all levels of education create resilient individuals, and that resilient individuals create resilient communities.

The Rasmussen Family Foundation is not directly affiliated with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), but it does support IUCN’s work through its grants. In 2021, the foundation awarded IUCN a grant of \$1 million to support the development of a new educational program on climate change and biodiversity. The program will be designed to help teachers and students understand the interconnectedness of climate change and biodiversity, and to develop skills to take action to address these challenges.

The Rasmussen Family Foundation’s support for IUCN is an example of its commitment to using education to build a more sustainable future. The foundation believes that by investing in education, it can help to create a more resilient world where people can thrive in harmony with nature.

Here are some additional details about the Rasmussen Family Foundation and its relation to IUCN:

  • The Rasmussen Family Foundation was founded in 2000 by James and Mary Rasmussen.
  • The foundation’s headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • The foundation’s annual grantmaking budget is \$10 million.
  • The foundation has awarded over \$100 million in grants since its inception.
  • IUCN is a global environmental organization that works to conserve nature and ensure sustainable development.
  • IUCN has over 1,400 member organizations, including governments, non-governmental organizations, and scientific institutions.
  • IUCN’s work is guided by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, which is the most comprehensive inventory of the world’s biodiversity.