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The Explorers Club is an international organization founded in 1904 with a focus on promoting scientific exploration and field research around the world. It functions as a meeting point for explorers, scientists, and anyone with a passion for discovery.

Here’s a breakdown of what The Explorers Club does:

  • Membership: The club offers membership to qualified individuals who share their passion for exploration.
  • Grants: They provide funding to support field research projects undertaken by explorers and scientists.
  • Lectures and Events: The Explorers Club organizes lectures, seminars, and annual dinners to bring together explorers and the public to share their experiences and foster interest in exploration.
  • Publications: They publish journals and other materials to document exploration history and scientific discoveries.
  • Local Chapters: The Explorers Club has chapters around the world that host local events and promote exploration activities in their communities.

Through these initiatives, The Explorers Club plays a vital role in:

  • Encouraging exploration: They inspire a spirit of discovery and scientific inquiry in both seasoned explorers and the next generation.
  • Advancing scientific knowledge: By supporting field research, The Explorers Club contributes to scientific understanding of our planet and beyond.
  • Building community: They create a space for explorers and science enthusiasts to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on future endeavors.